Welcome at the website of the Fontys Minor From Idea to Product with 3D printing. Here you will find all the information about the minor. Besides that we designed this website to give you an insight of the development of the minor, the team and some great impressions.

A new approach in learning and teaching with lots of interaction, debate and discussion using Design Thinking and Lean Thinking while working on real life global challenges supported by companies, universities and science and technology organizations.

We aim on delivering a more complete professional for the future by developing attitude and aptitude by focusing on talent development. Students become more creative ones you let go of the formal boundaries of traditional education.

Each student brings in his or her strengths, weaknesses and learning goals. They grasp the opportunity to learn from each other (peer to peer learning) and dive into disciplines totally new for them. Giving the students full control of their own learning path and goals results in more commitment, responsibility, awareness, reflection and better solutions adding value to humanity.

The variety of subjects, group dynamics, collaboration, competition and co-creation opportunities gives the students a broad spectrum and reality check of what is demanded from the future professional. Ones they know how to spot opportunities they will be nimble and agile enough to adapt towards success.


This minor is designed and developed and will be executed in cooperation with students and several other Business Units of Fontys University of Applied Sciences. Fontys School of Engineering will act as secretary of this minor. This means that the examination board of Fontys School of Engineering is responsible to assure the quality and the end qualifications of the minor. The minor is a “broad” international minor and accessible for every bachelor student, studying at any university in The Netherlands (Dutch and English stream). In the near future we hope also to enroll EU students. The students can enroll via the national hosted website http://www.kiesopmaat.nl.

You will find more information about the minor and the content here…


“Introducing exponential technologies like 3D printing for a broad range of multidisciplinary students, as tool to achieve creative and innovative solutions using a structural product development method for societal and environmental global challenges

  • An introduction of exponential technologies like 3D printing
  • Knowledge and insight in the applications, chances and opportunities of 3D printing and the impact on various domains and sectors
  • Mastery of a structured and methodological way of thinking, developing, designing and producing
  • Developing professional skills by collaborating in multidisciplinary teams and experiencing added value in the process of designing user-centered products, processes and systems.

 “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” – Darwin


No job can be done alone! The power of this minor can be found in the ability to connect and bring together motivated, highly talented, passioned and a little bit rebellious professionals from different disciplines and backgrounds who are not afraid to challenge the status-quo and learn by experimenting. Although a lot of professionals have been consulted for their specific knowledge the "core" team carrying this educational program is shown below.

Bas Geleijns
Lecturer Automotive Engineering

Annelies Moors
Communication Manager

Erik Frey
Visual Communication
Fine Arts, Video and Film

Lieke van Berkel
Lecturer/Researcher IP & Law

Ivanca Linders
Lecturer Concepting, Creativity
Creating Experiences
Visitor Attractions

Geert-Jos vd Maazen
Entrepreneurial Consultant

Kennedy Aduda
Lecturer Engineering

Abigail Albuquerque
Lecturer Humanities 

Ricardo Abdoel

Joost Marx
Lecturer Healtcare

Value Network

We are proud to present you our partners, sponsors and supporters. The collaboration with our partners makes it possible to stay up to date with the developments in technology, business, economy and society. Our partners open their doors and gives the learner, teacher and researcher a unique opportunity to peak behind the curtains. By supporting the minor with Guest Lectures, Practicals and Workshops the learners are engaged, motivated and inspired with actual examples of products, projects and the newest developments in their respective fields. Also this is a good opportunity for the learner to get to know the companies for future career possibilities.