Our Vision

The educational design team consisting of: Fontys Objexlab, Fontys School of Engineering, Fontys University of Justice and Legislation, Fontys School of Allied Health Professions, Fontys School of Automotive Engineering, Fontys Academy for Creative Industries, Fontys School of Business Management, Education and Technology and Fontys School of Management, Economics and Law, believe that preparing the professional of the future demands an approach in which the impact of emerging technologies and its influence on three main factors – human, environment and facilities – are considered.

We build and facilitated a physical educational playground (Objexlab) where multidisciplinary teams consisting of a diversity of students, lecturers and researchers work together in close collaboration with the industry on real world applied research projects using emerging technologies.

The educational ecosystem is an inspiration and source for other organizations to join and to co-create new educational and technological developments. We explore new ways of teaching methods and develop supporting (ICT) technology to create an educational environment which give students control over their own learning needs and learning path (talent development).

The Following key words characterizes the educational program:

Interdisciplinary | Multicultural | Diversity | International | Technology | Entrepreneurship | Creativity | Sustainability | Humanity | Talent Development | Global Challenge | Value Innovation