FM-I2P Development

The minor was designed and developed considering the changing demand and need of knowledge, skills and attitude for the future workforce.  We researched the exponential growth of emerging technologies, globalization and digitization, creating opportunities for pro-ams (professional amateurs) and professionals whether in small or big businesses, to impact work and life. This has been the driving force to design a educational program (minor) from scratch taking in to account the current developments, using new and experimental educational approaches, resources, methods and tools. 

The minor aims to deliver professionals able to withstand the changing and highly dynamic world by focusing on attitude and aptitude development in becoming an original in dreaming big, thinking bigger, adapting and becoming more agile in spotting opportunities to add value from a humanities perspective. 

The following key-words were used to give the program direction and to create the appropriate content:
multidisciplinary, diversity, problem/project based approach, teamwork, collaboration, competition, co-creation, challenge, global, exponential, technology, business, economics, finance, experiment, design, mindset, growth, professional, pitch, visualize, management, project, entrepreneurship, international... 

The following sections will give you an impression of the design and development of minor. There is also an opportunity to download the playbook which will give you a photo-impression of the development.